The Budapest ONE Office Development

The Budapest One is a 70 thousand square meter office park in the western gate of the capitol of Hungary, developed by Futureal. The area provides excellent traffic connections by the country’s biggest multimodal interchange. Here start the M1, M7 highways leading to Vienna and the lake Balaton, the Kelenföld Trainstation and also the terminal point for buses, trams and metro line 4, so it can be reached easily from anywhere.

Beside the high class offices, there are also commercial units and with the widespreaded green areas it can be a possible meeting and recreation place too. Our job was not just visualizing the building itself but also show these functions and connections. Revealing how the area becomes the center of the western city side by the development, using the relationship with it’s wide environment.

Developer: dr. Berki János – Futureál

Architect: Mérték Architectural Studio Ltd.
Lead Architects: Dr. Gergely Paulinyi, DLA Dr. András Reith
Project Architects: István Vámossy, Gergő Burián
Architects: Bálint Botzheim, Péter Bukovszky, Jólia Ridzi, Lóránt Vida
Chief Executie Officer: Tamás Tákos

Sustainability: Adrienn Gelesz, Zsófia Bélafi, Kornél Döme Deme, Melinda Orova
Structural Engineering: Róbert Gecsényi – Dinam Ltd.
Building Engineering: Kolarovszky László – Kőrős-Consult Ltd.
Building Electricity: Balázs Judit – Artvill Ltd.
Garden Design: Borbála Gyüre – GEUM Ltd.
Fire Protection: Lajos Takács
Acoustics: Róbert Csott

Video Directed by: Attila Szentmiklósy
Video Editing: Attila Lecza
Architectural Modeling, Still Renditions: ZOA Ltd.
Architectural Animation – Infographics and some shots: Studio IN-EX
Architectural Animation – Building Shots: ZOA Ltd. | ONODI András, FALUSSY Bence, MÜLLER Dávid, SÜMEGI János

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